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January 2015

Behavioral Genes

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Behavioral Genes Made Us Do It, and how to undo it with epigenetics   Chapters Our Behavioral Evolution Where Does Personality Come From? Why Do We Think Like We Do Why Are We So Unhappy? How are You Doing? Our Stress Epidemic Why Hurt Feelings Really Hurt What is Self-esteem good for? What Makes Relationships [...]

The Voice in Our Head

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Will the ‘voice in our head’ determine our survival? A somewhat humorous, but deadly serious situation   Our unconscious mind In very early times, our species, like animals were guided by our instincts. But a little later in the evolutionary process, we grew a mind, assumedly to provide improved survival guidance in a changing environment. [...]

Does Science Prove God

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A belief in God or an universal spirit is hardwired in our brains, is demonstrated by the polls that consistently show that such a belief in all countries and all cultures is over 90%. But while it's  credible evidence that humans believe in God,  from a scientific viewpoint that doesn't necessarily mean that there is a [...]

Why Are We So Wrong

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or brain has two basic states. Runners are unconscious mind which was developed by our ancestors in order to survive in a very threatening world which required got reaction, such as fight or flee.  This mind increased French esters chances of surviv200,000 years ago.