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About the Author: James D Baird is a graduate engineer and researcher who has studied genetics and common behaviors for more than 20 years. He has researched the field of behavioral epigenetics, which holds the promise of modifying behavior by changing gene expression. Baird holds a PhD in natural health and is the author of six books on human behavior. He has won many awards and appeared on major TV stations and dozens of radio shows. His most recently published book is Behavioral Genes-Why We Do What We Do and How to Change. In addition to Behavioral Genes, Dr. Baird’s books include Happiness Genes, Obesity Genes, Mindful Meals Diet, Modern Christian Happiness Plan, and The Happiness Plan.

November 2011

Decreasing Anxiety by Epigenetics

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Epigenetics is the science of heritable changes in gene expression or cellular phenotype caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence Examples of such changes might be DNA methylation or histone deacetylation, both of which serve to suppress gene expression without altering the sequence of the silenced genes. In simple terms, it’s the science of why two people with the same [...]

Changing Our Genetic Behavior with Epigenetics

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Until recent times, it has been assumed that the reason why we behave the way we do, is due to our inherited genetic programming modified by our environment, over generations –in other words - evolution. However, it has recently been discovered that we are not prisoners of our genes in our lifetime; rather, we can [...]

June 2011

A Course in Natural Happiness

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There have been a multitude of self help books on Happiness, but like diet books they don’t work, because they misunderstand the solution. A few of the most well known include; popular psychology, wellness, self satisfaction, biology changes by beliefs, genetic, Christianity, Buddhism, enlightenment, spiritualism, etc. While happiness, like love means different things to different [...]

May 2011

It’s All In Your Head

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Life circumstances aside, the quality of your life is mainly a reflection of the condition of your mind. In other words, it’s all in your head. There is no objective world out there, it’s all about your perceptions, or ‘what you see is what you get’ The condition of your mind is defined as an [...]

Natural Happiness by Epigenetics

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Happiness is at your fingertips, or rather sitting in your DNA, right now! The new science of epigenetics reveals there are reserves of natural happiness within your DNA that can be controlled by you, by your emotions, beliefs and behavioral choices. Happiness Genes proves that there is a definitive link between science and spirituality—that you are [...]

Natural Happiness and Enlightenment

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In Happiness Genes , Natural Happiness has been defined as a genetic program. It results from expressing faith and altruistic acts. This type of happiness is self evident by positive emotions, such as joy, well being, salvation, and the like. Enlightenment, in the way taught by Buddha, Jesus and other spiritual teachers is a condition [...]

April 2011

The Happiness Myth

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The myth is that happiness comes from things, circumstances and people. But that can’t be because external conditions are always in the process of change. The pleasure of today is the pain of tomorrow. But most people believe this; else the advertising business would collapse. To dispel the happiness myth we must believe happiness comes [...]

March 2011

Happiness Genes Epigenetic Program

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HAPPINESS GENES EPIGENETIC PROGRAM Happiness Genes Book Chapter 10 - Internalizing Happiness Habits The Happiness Program Introduction – read pages 159-173   WEEKLY HAPPINESS QUESTIONNAIRE (to be filled out weekly to document your progress) Instructions Below are a number of statements about happiness. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each by entering a [...]

Will the “Voice in Our Head” Determine Our Survival?

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In very early times, our species, like animals were guided by our instincts.  But a little later in the evolutionary process, we grew a mind, assumedly to provide improved survival guidance in a changing environment.  The apparent purpose of our mind was to record programs of our instincts, genetic behavior patterns and life experiences to [...]

Hello DNA!

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The term DNA sequencing is the use of sequencing for determining the order of the nucleotidebases—adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. Knowledge of DNA sequences has become indispensable for basic biological research, other research branches utilizing DNA sequencing, and in numerous applied fields such as diagnostic,biotechnology, forensic biology and biological systematics. This is significantly accelerated biological research and discovery. The rapid speed of sequencing [...]