Since prehistoric times, the highest genetic priority for males was survival, chiefly by competing for resources.  Since then, little has changed except the ‘caveman’ of today is more formal and may even wear a suit. While this is somewhat obvious and concerning, viewing the state of the world, the cost of competition versus cooperation in the corporate realm is not fully understood. A growing number of visionary technological companies understand that the genetic nature of individual competition blocks true Company Teamwork. Traditional corporate cultures are still paying the price of inefficiency.

Many companies talk about and establish policies to require teamwork, but this is ineffective, because the problem is genetic, and an epigenetic solution is necessary.  Epigenetics is a mechanism that properly applied can turn off selected genes, as the medical field does in its fight against diseases.  In the case of a behavioral change to promote teamwork, our competitive genes are modified to unblock our altruistic

[compassionate] genes.  Epigenetic modalities using your conscious mind can change genetic priorities to become ‘happy at work’ and compassionate about your team.