A belief in God or an universal spirit is hardwired in our brains, is demonstrated by the polls that consistently show that such a belief in all countries and all cultures is over 90%. But while it’s  credible evidence that humans believe in God,  from a scientific viewpoint that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a God, with beneficial characteristics.

From a evolutionary viewpoint, a hardwired belief meets similar requirements  that  it is repeatable and a natural law.  What could be more natural than  the  evolutionary process that designed our brains?

With regard to  possible characteristics of a benevolent God,   altruistic actssuch as compassion,   are also hardwired. This is simply demonstrated by the emotion of the natural happiness received on doing a good deed by all people in all cultures.  While there are many other behaviors  that are hardwired,  such as aggression,  none of these non-altruistic behaviors result in natural happiness.  And since happiness has been the goal of all peoples  throughout history  one would assume that those who practiced all touristic behaviors were to pass along their genes in a higher rate and thus evolve   a species  that practiced  altruistic acts.  men are species just to the point were there more cooperative than competitive is a unanswerable question,  but not likely in our lifetime. In the meantime,  with regard to beliefs, science and theories, would you rather be right or happy. PIn other words would you rather be right or happ? B