The following are the biological facts of happiness.  Regardless of your beliefs about happiness, these facts can be proved by the self examination of your mind and positive emotions from altruistic expressions.

  1. There are two types of happiness, depending on whether they result from external or internal causes.   External, is self centered and results from outside conditions or persons. Internal is altruistic in nature and the cause is genetic.
  2. Both types are by influenced by our subconscious mind, which directs our behavior about 95% of the time when we are awake.
  3. Our subconscious mind is like a tape player that has recorded our instincts, behavioral programs and life experiences.
  4. Our subconscious mind has great value, in that it allows us to function without conscious effort.  However, it usually contains some negative programs that cause unhappiness and suffering.  Such as the worry, fear and craving, that is exhibited by our endless stream of involuntary thoughts.
  5. The new biology of epigenetics reveals that genes are not destiny.  The expression of genes can be modified by our beliefs and perceptions.
  6. Our primitive survival
    [i.e. caveman] genes are the cause of our drive for material and competitive gains that are the nature of external happiness.  This is shown today by such as: competition for resources, greed, violence, etc.
  7. When our altruistic genes [i.e. happiness genes] are expressed by altruistic thoughts and acts, they reward with feelings of happiness and joy. This is a genetic predisposition that is repetitive with all cultures and individuals.
  8. Our genetic motivation for altruism is frequently blocked by the higher genetic priority of our caveman genes. Observation of our world is evidence that competition for resources frequently overshadows altruistic acts of love.
  9. The new science of epigenetics reveals that by changing our perceptions and beliefs, we can in effect; turn off genes that have negative happiness programs.
  10. Changing our perceptions and beliefs in a positive way, requires a state of consciousness.  Our conscious mind can only exist in the present, whereas the programs of the unconscious mind exist only in the illusions of the past and future.
  11. The way to lasting internal happiness is to use epigenetic modalities to turn off those genes that block the expression of our altruistic [happiness] genes.