Life circumstances aside, the quality of your life is mainly a reflection of the condition of your mind. In other words, it’s all in your head. There is no objective world out there, it’s all about your perceptions, or ‘what you see is what you get’

The condition of your mind is defined as an unconscious or conscious state. The unconscious mind came earlier in evolution and is its focus is on survival and defense, which it seeks by competition, power and greed. Basically, it is a recorder of your instincts, genetics, habits and life experiences. Your unconscious mind plays almost continuously as the ‘voice in your head’, and it controls your thoughts, which control you. In other words, you are being controlled by your genes which were inherited and past experiences which were programmed by others. Consequently, making free will decisions is a misnomer. When you are in your unconscious state, which is most of the time, you have no choice.

The conscious mind, which came later in the evolutionary process, is a creative mind, it can make free will problem solving decisions, and it is under control of your consciousness, your true self. Its focus is on creativity and growth which it pursues by cooperation, living in the present, happiness, peace and altruism. The obvious preference for happiness is to be more conscious. Consciousness means creation, living in the present, happiness and peace, while unconsciousness is a ‘caveman’ mentality, suffering from the worry of the past and the fear of the future.

Why aren’t we more conscious?

So why aren’t we more conscious and enlightened rather than competitive and suffering?  While the great spiritual teachers of the past, such as Buddha and Jesus taught love, peace, compassion and freedom from desire, what they didn’t know is that our genome has a genetic priority. In other words, ‘all genes are not equal’. For example, the genes linked with survival and security [unconscious mind] have top priority, where as the genes linked with altruism [conscious mind] have a lower priority. To change the priority, we would have to wait till evolution’s plan makes the change or do some genetic engineering.  While this sound a little futuristic, the really is that steps to modify genes can be done now by just using your mind and the new science of epigenetics.  See the book Happiness Genes for details.