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October 5, 2016
Radio interview with Marina Rose of Quantum Connection:
September 23,2015
Dr. James Baird interviewed on The Donna Seebo Radio Show – Listen to episode #381 on demand at:

Conscious Talk Radio – Radio That Makes A Difference recently broadcast: “Author of Behavioral Genes: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change gives us some clues to the power of epigenetics.” Listen to the interview on demand:

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AM 680 News Radio Interview

Dynamic Living Magazine

WGN-TV Midday, Chicago Ch. 9

BigFish Radio with Kerrace Alexande

Jim Baird on The Freeman Michaels Show

Mind Mastery Radio

Awakening Radio with Michele Meiche

Jim’s YouTube Channel (which replays WGN interview)

Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory

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Naperville Sun Times

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The Monthly Aspectarian

Book Reviews

The Midwest Book Review –  Jan 2013
“Obesity Gemes and Their Epigenetic Modifiers tacked head-on a pervasive conundrum – how can people who have obesity programmed into their very genetic makeup improve their weight and their health? Millennia of natural evolution have favored the survival of human beings whose bodies stored as much fat as possible to sustain them through lean times. Fad or gimmick diets can have little to no effect against such powerful Darwinian forces. However, recent discoveries of the process of epigentics indicates that humans are be able to counteract the impulses of their very genes through the proper mental exercises, as well as improving their diet (by slightly reducing calories and choosing more nutritious foods), and engaging in regular physical exercise. Obesity Genes and Their Epigenetic Modifiers shows the way, by revealing the flaws in popular “weight loss” programs that can prompt a yo-yo effect, studying the world’s longest-lived peoples, promoting “mindful eating” (being aware of and enjoying one’s food choices, rather than zoning out or being distracted), offering guidelines for incorporating vigorous exercise into one’s routine, and even laying out a sample day-by-day menu for four weeks. Obesity Genes and Their Epigenetic Modifiers is a solid guide to countering obesity on both physical and mental fronts, and worthy of extended consideration especially by anyone who has struggled with diets in the past.”