In Happiness Genes , Natural Happiness has been defined as a genetic program. It results from expressing faith and altruistic acts. This type of happiness is self evident by positive emotions, such as joy, well being, salvation, and the like.

Enlightenment, in the way taught by Buddha, Jesus and other spiritual teachers is a condition of no suffering, not unlike that of peace.  It is common knowledge that most humans live in a condition of emotional suffering, indicated by worry of the past and fear of the future. Since that is the reality, enlightenment, in our hyperactive world, seems a difficult condition to achieve, short of the life of a spiritual teacher or a monk

And yet there is a more practical way.  The traditional way to enlightenment is by eliminating desire, wanting, grasping and not being grateful for what you have.  But since this condition is a product of our unconscious mind, the way is to become more conscious.  The bottom line is that we are controlled by our unconscious mind, which consists of instincts, genetic priorities and life experiences.  We need to shift to our conscious mind, which not only empowers us to create, plan, and make decisions, but also express our Natural Happiness.

So putting it all together, when we are in a condition of Natural Happiness, the result of altruistic acts, we are conscious and consequently enlightened. The more we can remain conscious, the longer this condition will last.

The way to consciousness is to turn down our unconscious mind by modifying our primitive survival genes [caveman genes,] with epigenetic programs and living in the present, where the unconscious mind can’t function.