October 7, 2015

Behavioral Genes:
Why We Do What We Do and How to Change
by James D. Baird, PhD

Change Your Undesirable Behaviors!


There’s no denying it – most people are truly baffled by their own behaviors. From why we are unhappy to why the morning commute makes our stress levels skyrocket, understanding the human condition is something of a mystery. Having spent over three decades researching behavioral genetics, James D. Baird, PhD offers answers in his new book Behavioral Genes: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change.

The root cause of our mysterious behaviors is that 30-50% of what we do is driven by genes inherited from our prehistoric ancestors. Behavioral Genes cuts through psychological and public misconception to help anyone improve their wellbeing by manipulating and changing their genes. By helping readers understand and embrace the latest scientific research, the book provides all you need to change everything you’re your personality and approach to relationships, to your stress levels, anger and ability to really love. This new science of epigenetics proves that genes are not necessarily destiny. These exciting new discoveries are already being used by medical organizations and through Behavioral Genes, Dr. Baird shows us how we can now use them in everyday life.

“Behavioral Genes offers specific ways to move beyond your ancient ‘caveman mind’ and actually change your biology,” says Dr. Baird. “Drawing on the proven therapies of meditation, mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and epigenetic behavioral therapy, this book maps out a positive new way to increase well-being.”
Reflecting on themes related to Behavioral Genes, Dr. Baird is available for interviews to discuss:

  • How to identify the sources of stress, aggression, conflict, overeating, hurt feelings, mistaken perceptions, and unhappiness
  • Understanding core behaviors such as personality, happiness, relationships, love and differences between the sexes
  • The importance of epigenetic modalities, and how they allow anyone to drastically change their own biology
  • How epigenetics proves that genes aren’t destiny
  • Actionable and successful steps you can take to change your unwanted behavior, emotions – and the remarkable turnarounds
  • Countless case studies proving his lifelong work

And much more!

James D. Baird, PhD is a graduate engineer and researcher who has studied genetics and common behaviors for more than 30 years. He has researched the field of behavioral epigenetics, which holds the promise of modifying behavior by changing gene expression. Dr. Baird holds a PhD in natural health and is the author of five books on human behavior. He has won many awards and appeared on major TV stations and dozens of radio shows. Dr. Baird’s books include Happiness Genes, Obesity Genes, Mindful Meals Diet, Modern Christian Happiness Plan, and The Happiness Plan. Behavioral Genes is his sixth book.

Connect with James D. Baird, PhD at https://drjamesdbaird.com.

Behavioral Genes can be purchased from Amazon and through other major booksellers.