It seems like just a couple of decades ago company loyalty was standard operating procedure for both employees and consumers.  But since then, deteriorating economic conditions and aggressive competition changed the playing field and it has been every individual and company for themselves.

However, this circumstance shouldn’t be a big surprise; it is just another vivid example of our competitive ‘caveman’ genes in action. At first glance one might think, well this is the way we are designed, so this is just natural behavior; and so it was, in prehistoric days.  But our environment has evolved and the reality is that the fall and rise of entities clearly show that it is cooperation rather than competition that brings back growth.

It is no different for individuals than it is for companies.  By engaging employees and creating a cooperative team environment, a company will begin to foster employee satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn will begin resurrecting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In order to put teamwork in place, the first step starts with the move toward happiness at work, which can only be done by turning off our survival competitive genes.  Genes are not destiny; they can effectively be ‘disengaged’ by epigenetic signals from our conscious mind that modifies their proteins.