Why We Do What We Do, and How To Change

Most of us don’t understand the reasons why we sometimes behave in ways that are not in our best interest. Such as: causing hurt feelings, damaging relationships, or why emotions can change so quickly.  Some have opinions on why we behave the way we do but are unable to change a negative behavior. For instance, do you know or think you know what makes you happy, and if you do, why do you do the things that make you unhappy?

Since recorded history, philosophers and theologians have offered opinions on human behavior, but since they were unable to test their theories no one knew what was right. In recent times, a growing number of behavioral scientists applying scientific procedures, were able to test opinions and effects to come up with the causes for many common behaviors.

These scientists in the fields of evolutionary psychology, behavioral genetics and psychology, have been able to discover that the basic causes of human behavior come from three sources; genetics, self-awareness, and culture. The genetic cause is what you inherited from your ancestors, self-awareness is the ability to think consciously about yourself and plan the future. Most of what we do each day is in the service of planning what we are going to do today and in the future, that is most beneficial to our goals. In addition, self-awareness gives us the ability to be aware of and change behaviors. Culture is our community’s beliefs and behaviors.

Most books and teachings on behavior accept the genetic component as a given that can’t be changed, but the new science of epigenetics proves that genes aren’t destiny. Epigenetics is a rapidly expanding biological and medical field that is increasingly used to treat or prevent diseases.  However the same environmental signals, such as: perceptions, beliefs, toxins, chemicals, diet and life experiences can change gene expression, thereby turning off the genes that are involved in undesirable behaviors.

The genes that solved the survival problems of our ancestors 60,000 years ago on the African savanna’s are still with us today as evolutionary adaptations. However our environment has greatly changed, and our brain has remained much the same.  It is to bring more understanding and solutions to our quality of life, by behavioral genetics and epigenetics, that this website is dedicated.

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